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09 Apr 7 Must Have Silver Jewellery Pieces for an Indian Bride
kunal 0 8
India is known for its grand wedding celebration of love, abundance and a holy union of two people together. Marriages in India literally do “tie the knot” and it is the most memorable in any person’s..
24 Mar Invest in Silver Purses
admin 0 602
Purses and Clutches! An accessory that is essential to every woman!We love everything about them, we love to buy them, style them, invest in new collections and also read about them. Purses and clutch..
11 Mar Top Jewellery Styling Tips for Every Woman - Mymotifs
admin 0 140
We all are extremely abundant with jewellery and all of us women love pure silver jewellery. Styling the right jewellery with the right outfit is important as often we get confused about what to wear ..
01 Mar Gifting Ideas for Women’s Day
admin 0 85
Who run the world? Girls!This is indeed true. We don’t need one day to celebrate us as women, God’s greatest creations. We celebrate March 8 as International Women’s Day to celebrate us and cultural, ..
08 Feb Jewellery Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021
admin 0 63
With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to make your girl feel special by gifting her a piece of pure silver jewellery from our exclusive collection. Valentine’s day is all about making..
14 Jan Perfect Occasions To Gift Someone Silver
admin 0 244
Tis’ the gifting season and it’s the right time to remind your loved ones about their graceful presence and journey in our lives. We all are confused what to gift and we all get them gifting blues but..
25 Dec Silver Jewellery Trends That are Going to Rule 2021 - My Motifs
admin 0 735
2021 is the year for Pure Silver!2021 is definitely the year for over-accessorizing and we at Motifs specialize in Maximalist pure silver jewellery. 2020 being the year of minimalism, we’re all set to..
22 Dec Why Silver Jewellery is a Perfect Gift for Christmas?
admin 0 50
No woman ever said that she has enough jewellery, did she? A piece of pure silver jewellery is the perfect gift for Christmas for your loved ones and holds a special sentiment for all of us. Silver Je..
11 Nov Why Buying a Silver Jewellery On Dhanteras is Auspicious?
admin 0 464
Dhanteras Is The day To Invest In Silver And This Is Why to Bid adieu to all the negative energies in your house by cleaning and purchasing diyas to light up the spirit of Diwali. Invest in exquisite ..
09 Nov Celebrate Diwali with Motif’s Exclusive Collection - Laajavaab
admin 0 186
With the onset of the festive season, it is indeed the time to sparkle your way to dazzling, glittering days and nights with the latest Diwali jewellery trends which cannot be missed! We look for..
16 Oct Health Benefits Of Wearing Silver Jewellery
admin 0 2352
From the former age, human beings resort to find healing properties in different minerals and gemstones. Ever wondered why royals wore gem-studded crowns? It was not only a symbol of wealth and power ..
07 Oct 10 Reasons Why to Choose Silver Jewellery over Gold
admin 0 382
They say all that glitters is Gold but we believe that all glitter and lasts is Silver. We have often linked Silver to luxury and the term “Silver Spoon” is used for a reason. 2020 is all about timele..
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