They say all that glitters is Gold but we believe that all glitter and lasts is Silver. We have often linked Silver to luxury and the term “Silver Spoon” is used for a reason. 

2020 is all about timeless yet trendy jewellery and our collection of silver jewellery online will have you sorted for the festive season. Nothing says elegance and tradition quite like a piece of gold jewellery but our collection of pure silver jewellery online will definitely change your opinion. Buy pure silver jewellery online from our exclusive collection of sterling silver ornaments. We have a variety of silver jewellery online from modern to even antique silver jewellery pieces. 

We believe in modern contemporary silver jewellery along with tradition and our designs in pure silver will have you sorted for those trendy festive looks. Gold designs can be easily replicated in silver and that’s one of the main reasons customers are opting for silver for daily wear as it can come in a variety of designs to complement your day to day looks. 

Silver is always used as an alternative to gold due to affordability. It need not store away in your locker and it definitely adds a lot of style to your everyday looks. Customers consider silver a good investment in comparison.

Silver is extremely malleable and ductile and a variety of designs can be made in silver from traditional heavy antique jewellery to modern contemporary jewellery to pair with your everyday looks.

Silver jewellery can instantly elevate your outfit and give you an edge in style. Why opt for traditional gold jewellery when you have stunning silver jewellery to transform your outfit. 

Pure Silver jewellery is extremely lightweight in comparison to gold. They can be worn for extended periods of time without even being felt. Gold jewellery often causes pain and can even destroy your ear lobes if worn for long durations.

Silver is extraordinarily durable and strong. It is resilient and hard to damage the metal. Gold is comparatively softer and is easily prone to bending, warping or gouging. If you pay extra attention to your jewellery wardrobe, our pure silver jewellery online will help your case.

Silver can look good with any clothing or skin stones. Silver has a neutral tone and is well complemented with any skin tones. We often look into skin undertones with gold jewellery but you don’t need to even bother when it comes to pure sterling silver. Silver can be easily paired with your everyday looks or even your heavy ethnic looks, either ways you will slay and look ravishing. It can be mix-matched too with gold to create a dual-toned look.

One of the prevailing trends of 2020 is combining silver and gold jewellery together to create a unique, one of a kind look.

We, at Motifs, curate antique silver jewellery designs – customer’s interest is shifting towards tribal and antique jewellery designs this season. Tribal jewellery always tells a story and is a conversation starter that you can brag about.

Silver looks great with other gemstones and semi-precious gemstones. Silver has a neutral hue and looks great with our collection of rubies, emeralds, sapphires and zircons. They can be also made into exquisite Polki and Kundan designs. Semi-precious gemstones like amber, beads, freshwater pearls and aquamarine are also well complemented with silver.

If you are looking to combine silver with healing stones like Amethyst, Citrine etc those look great too. Basically, if you are planning to buy a piece of pure silver jewellery online embodied with any of the gemstones, rest assured you will be getting compliments for both separately. Silver can also be combined with other metals and charms to create an extraordinary look. 

In the world of a healthy lifestyle and conscious food trends, opt for healthier metals too. Silver is healthier than gold. It has positive and healing effects. There are a lot of benefits of wearing a white ornament rather than a gold one.