With the onset of the festive season, it is indeed the time to sparkle your way to dazzling, glittering days and nights with the latest Diwali jewellery trends which cannot be missed!

We look forward to these festive days as a lot of Indians seek to buy maximum jewellery on these auspicious days. We suggest you invest in pure silver jewellery as it is more wearable and affordable in comparison to those real heavy real gold jewellery sets. With the launch of our new collection “Laajavaab”, we have followed some of the latest fashion jewellery trends to maintain harmony between tradition and fashion.

The “Laajavaab” collection stays true to its name – Laajavaab, something that is truly unbeatable and exquisite. It is a one of a kind collection which is treasured, valued and cherished by the creators at Motifs. We treasure and adore this one of a kind collection and hope you will adore it too.

This collection features surrealism and a charismatic charm which will leave a mark and leave no eyes unturned. This is a rare collection – something different from the usual yet sticking to the norms of traditional as we love to explore new forms of concepts in our design ideology. These pieces are exquisitely handcrafted and studded with semi-precious colored stones set in Silver and Gold plated silver creating a dual-toned look exploring the inestimable combinations that jewellery can make.

On auspicious and dressy occasions like these, we women love to adorn jewellery that is a true reflection of ethnicity and tradition and it is indeed the best time to invest in pure 925 silver jewellery. Our pure silver jewellery for women embedded with colourful gemstones and semi-precious stones is definitely the centre point of attraction for all of you patrons and wearers of silver jewellery. Our newest collection “Laajavaab” sets onset of the festivities and with good reason because they add grace and elegance to any festive occasion.

We feature a range of sleek and modern yet traditional silver jewellery with a contemporary yet heritage feel. Our newest collection is surely a head-turner among the young generation as well as the older. We have an array of pure silver long chandelier earrings which are being adorned by the younger generation for their ‘Taash’(Poker Cards) parties as well as in the ‘Laxmi Puja’. Coloured gemstones and semi-precious stones like Emeralds, Sapphires and Rubies are a fun twist to tradition and add a pop of color. For the older generation too, we cater to classical and elegant picks like chokers, heavy embellished necklaces, jhumkis and kadas. So we have you all covered and set for Diwali! For the upcoming season of Diwali rather than opting for the usual jewellery invest in something more bold and stronger and create a statement with our new silver jewellery collection that’s truly unbeatable and one of a kind. We have designed a variety of options like pure silver necklaces, pure silver bracelets and pure silver rings set in 925 sterling silver. Reveal your bold side and look absolutely wonderful with these pure silver surreal pieces by Motifs.