oxidised-earringsOxidised jewelry is in fashion again as a classy option with all its grace and excellent craftsmanship

A gleaming beauty of black silver is often equated to that of the moon’s glowing spark. And the fact that oxidised silver tends to harmonize with any skin tone thereby enhancing the look of the wearer.

No wonder it’s back in the vogue as a favorite among jewelry lovers. The growing popularity of oxidised jewelry has resulted in innovative designs.

The designer collection of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and so forth are infinite! Moreover, the trend in fashion jewellery is also contributing a lot in popularising such ornaments among all female age groups.

In this blog, we will talk about oxidised earrings. Oxidised earring sets are paired with traditional outfits or sarees, but don’t restrain oxidised ornaments to just these attires.

The good news about oxidised jewellery is you can buy it from anywhere, flea markets, online, at jewellery stores, souvenir stores or your city’s local markets. Styles are versatile and options are endless. Regular silver jewellery would require constant upkeep due to its tarnish-prone nature, but the blackened silver look is the USP of oxidised jewellery so you won’t need to clean it for shine. But if you’re conscious of the clash between the shades of the silver and your skin tone, try them on physically before ordering similar shades online. Inspect each piece before spending money, to see if the metal is sturdy as opposed to bendable, or if the stonework or enameling is firmly set.

Buying cheap oxidised jewelry for short-term wear or single wear is not a cause for concern, but if you’re planning to make it a daily or regular wear, make sure you buy it from a trusted jeweler. Hard-wearing oxidised jewelry will cause its blackened look to disappear over some time and the true silver will appear. In such cases, take it to the jeweler for a re-blackening touch-up.

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