Tis’ the gifting season and it’s the right time to remind your loved ones about their graceful presence and journey in our lives. We all are confused what to gift and we all get them gifting blues but this blog is specially curated to help you pick out the most thoughtful which will be extremely heartfelt by the person you gift it to. Here at Motifs, we present to you an extensive of pure  silver gifting options so it’s time to get shopping now!

We all love gifts and nothing could more special than pure silver gifts online. Gifts have a value and they hold relevance to the person they are gifted to. Choosing a gift can be difficult given the personality of the person, it should be unique and also be useful to the person it is gifted to.

Fortunately, My Motifs have an extensive of pure silver gifts online. Pure silver gifts are considered as one of the best gifts of all time for any occasion.


We all want to be loved and appreciated on our birthday and what would be a better way to show your love than a precious silver gift. 

A way to a woman’s heart? Definitely cake and pure silver. Our exclusive range of pure silver gifts makes for the perfect birthday gift.

2. Anniversaries

All couples celebrate this special day as a milestone of every good year of togetherness and forever spent together. Celebrate joy and happiness by gifting a pure silver gift to your friends or family on their anniversaries.

3. Weddings

Indeed the most special day of your life!

Weddings mark a new beginning in each person’s life and silver gifts always hold an auspicious value. Gifting pure silver gift items for a person’s wedding serves for a good and memorable gift. 

4. Congratulations and Celebrations!

Gifts make one feel appreciated when they proceed to the next stage of life! Pure silver gifts serve as a perfect congratulatory gift for any milestone like a new job, celebrating a new baby, house-warming, etc.

5. Graduation

Woohoo, your education is over and all this hard work has to be celebrated! Graduation marks the beginning of adulthood and gifting an article of pure silver will help them proceed onto adulthood and hold relevance in the future. Pure silver jewellery is symbols of maturity and signifies newer learnings and experiences. 

6. Holidays & Festivals 

Be it Diwali, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Karwa Chauth, Holi, Thanksgiving, Eid or any other festival. Pure silver gifts are the perfect gifting options for these occasions. Celebrate the joy of holiday season with our extensive range of pure silver gifts and articles online.

7. Appreciation

Mothers Day and Fathers Day should be celebrated every day and they should be appreciated on all days of our lives. Appreciate your parents and express gratitude by gifting them gifts made of sterling silver. Appreciation always has to be expressed with sparkle to show them how much you love them. 

8. Employee Gifts

One of the greatest human resource management techniques is to appreciate your employees and express a positive attitude to them. A small pure silver gift goes long way in motivating them and encouraging them to work harder. 

9. As a symbol of love, Valentine’s Day

As we mentioned you don’t really need a single day to express love and gift your loved ones. Spontaneous gifts are the best type of gifts because that’s when the person is least expecting it and of course silver goes a long way in the future. If you want to say something to someone, say it in the form of pure silver. Life is too short, seize the day!