2021 is the year for Pure Silver!

2021 is definitely the year for over-accessorizing and we at Motifs specialize in Maximalist pure silver jewellery. 2020 being the year of minimalism, we’re all set to step out looking our best even if it is in our masks.  The heavy jewellery and maximalist outfits that you bought the starting of 2020 are definitely going waste because 2020 trends are rolling on to 2021 along with a few new additions. 

2021 is the year of Silver overpowering gold in a maximalist style. Buckle up, The Future looks Shiny and Silver! Layer it up!

Silver Chains are Forever 

Who knew Silver jewellery would seem so powerful and would replace yellow gold which was so prominent in chains in 2020. Pure Silver chains will continue to rule the jewellery world be it sleek pieces or layering maximalist pieces.  A lot of designers like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chloe and Paco Rabanne have come up with a variety of pure sterling silver chains from layering oversized silver chains to silver chained cuff bracelets as accessories for Spring 2021. This trend can be used whether you’re styling it with athleisure wear or with formal wear, it’s here to make a bold statement.

Timeless and Oversized Silver Studs

We all of our oversized and classic silver studs. We beautifully handcraft a variety of studs in a variety of designs and a variety of colours. A recurring trend from the ’80s and ’90s is making a comeback. It’s the best time to invest in cute ladylike pure silver studs. We love our classic pearls inspired by Chanel, oversized silver studs and cute pieces of silver charming bracelets for day wear. Bring it on, 2021 is the year of Ultra Glam and Luxe Sophistication. 

Layering up Pure Silver Necklaces with Cute Charms 

We, at Motifs, love our charms, pendants and gemstones and we specialize in a variety of designs made with pure sterling silver. Combine all different elements and charms like seashells, vintage coin pendant pieces and gemstones for a twist to your resort wear in 2021. Layer these up to create statement pieces and define endless summer in 2021.

Signature Ghunghroos and Freshwater Pearls

Making a classic comeback, pearls are so Chanel. Contemporary and modern freshwater pearls set in pure sterling silver are the mood for 2021 along with our signature ghungroos. We have a variety of designs from contemporary drops to asymmetrical designs with a range of motifs in our newest collection. We’re all set for 2021.

Well Rounded Silver Hoops

Pure silver hoops will continue to be in fashion for 2021. Well, rounded hoops with an organic yet geometric shape are here to stay whether they are small pieces for daily wear or statement and impactful pieces. Hoops are also taking a variety of forms in different sculptural shapes. We have the latest collection of hoops in combination with jhumkas and tassels for the modern you.

Single Bold Silver Jewellery Pieces to make an Impact

We love maximalism and each piece designed by us speaks volume. Make a statement with our bold pieces like a Pure Silver Earcuff, Pure Silver Mangtika, Pure Silver Nosepin or even an oversized Pure Silver Necklace to create an impact on the watchers. Another twist that we add it coloured gemstones and a variety of designs and shapes all customized to your tastes and preferences. 

Rhinestones and Coloured Gemstones set in Pure Sterling Silver

Glitter prevails in 2021 in the form of rhinestones and coloured gemstones. Motifs has a variety of pure sterling necklaces, pure silver bracelets and earrings with a variety of rhinestones and gemstones. Create a pop of colour with your elegant evening year or even with casual outfits for that ultra-luxe. 

Dual tones

Want that extra glitter? Opt for Dual toned jewellery. Silver and Gold is the right answer. We have a variety of pieces in dual tones for that ultimate glam statement. Shine bright with dual tones and accents.