We all are extremely abundant with jewellery and all of us women love pure silver jewellery. Styling the right jewellery with the right outfit is important as often we get confused about what to wear because of our overflowing collection of silver jewellery. We often even forget pieces that exist in our jewellery wardrobe and land up wearing the same silver jewellery time and again. Well, you’re not making most of your jewellery collection or you’re not confident with a particular piece of pure silver jewellery will go with your outfit and we have all faced it. 

Incorporating pure silver jewellery into your looks is a great idea and we have the perfect tips to style your pure silver jewellery without under or overplaying it. Make the best use of the pure silver jewellery you shop online which is sure to complement your sense of style, skin tone, personality, wardrobe and confidence. 

1. Layer it Up!

Stack up your pure silver rings, pure silver bracelets and sterling silver necklaces to glam up your style game. Layering up your pure silver accessories is always fun and it can never go out of fashion. Always stack up pure silver pieces at the place where you would like to draw attention. Layering up jewellery can also enhance the beauty and draw attention away from your flaws. 

Layer up a variety of pure silver necklaces of different lengths to draw attention to your face. Dual tones, motifs and designs always play an important role in layering it up. 

For pure silver bracelets, you can always create an arm candy of different pieces from minimal to fancy as well as stack it up with your watch. Pure silver rings can be mixed and matched in different colours and combinations especially when you have a pretty manicure. You can also try experimenting with a variety of pure silver ear cuffs and earrings if you have many ear piercings. 

2. Sometimes, too much is too much!

Balance out your pure silver jewellery and know your limit. While having fun experimenting and layering, you should know when to stop. Always remember the rule by Coco Chanel, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory”. If you opt for layering necklaces, ditch the earrings and also opt for subtle and minimal bracelets or bangles on your hands. 

If the focal point is your earrings, you can ditch the necklace but often you can also create a set of matching earrings with a delicate necklace. 

3. They say Earrings speak who you are..

Your earrings say a lot about your personality and it always comes in vision whenever you wear them. Choose your earrings wisely that compliment your skin, hair, face shape and outfit. 

If you have short hair, choose medium-sized silver earrings while long dangling silver earrings will be perfect if you have long stick hair. You can also refer to our guide of choosing the right earrings for your face shape but the simple hack is to choose earrings opposite to your face shape. 

4. Experiment with a variety of silver earrings

Yes, we all are guilty of doing this. We often land up repeating or wearing the same pair of earrings for days or weeks. Invest in a variety of subtle and minimal pieces to add interest to your day to day looks. It’s also important to clean your earrings and by styling different pairs of earrings depending on your outfit, you can make sure your jewellery is new and shiny. 

5. Guilty of Mixing Metals, No Problem!

It was considered a sin to mix metals but not anymore. Dual tones are in and they is no need to stick only to all pure silver jewellery or gold jewellery. Dual tones are exquisite and they add an interesting pop to your outfit. 

6. Style your pure silver jewellery wisely with your outfits

Before going out, always decide which piece of pure silver jewellery would look best and complement your outfit. Always make a stylish choice and looks your ultimate best while going out.  

7. It’s time to choose – Jewellery or your outfit?

Decision time!!! What do you want to focus on? Your jewellery or your outfit?

A piece of pure silver jewellery can be transforming and it instantly transforms a boring outfit into a funky one. But if you have a fancy outfit, subdued your jewellery and go for minimal pieces. 

8. Define the focal point of your jewellery 

Always accessorize the part of your body where you would like to bring attention.  If you are wearing statement jewellery pieces, always make the focal point on one body area like neck, ears or hands where you would like to draw attention. If the focal point is a bold silver necklace, style it up with minimal earrings and bracelets and if the focal point is your pure silver bracelets or bangles, opt for a minimal pendant with small earrings.

9. Have fun, go Experiment! 

Experimenting is a fun thing to do if you have spare time on your hands. You can create multiple combinations with different pieces of silver jewellery and you can even style up pieces that you usually never experiment with. You can style up pieces in bold combinations which you would never think of pairing usually and you never know what pop it might create. Keep your trials on with different combinations and focal points. Styling the appropriate pieces of silver jewellery can make or break your outfit and it’s the time to sparkle and shine with experiments.

10. Ditch the Trends!

Don’t be a fashion slave, ditch the rules! Trends come and go and influence us up to some extent but giving yourself to trends can land up losing who you are as a person. Figure out which pieces of pure silver jewellery make you feel confident and evolve your tastes and personality rather than giving into trends. Take into account – your style, your personal tastes and your personality while choosing pure silver jewellery to accessorize with your outfit. 

11. Ring, ring around the finger!

Rings are evergreen and stacking rings can never go out of fashion. Experiment with a variety of pure silver rings with different metals, shapes and colours and feel versatile. You can either experiment with subtle rings or chain link rings or even statement cocktail rings.

12. Consider your neckline while choosing your necklace

Your pure silver necklace should be shorter than the neckline of your outfit for it to be visible. A necklace is made to enhance your outfit and elongate your neck so choose wisely with different necklines.

13. Wait, is the necklace even needed?

You can go without a necklace or pendant if you wear a bold pair of earrings and create a statement. Depending on the styling of the outfit as well, necklaces don’t go well with high necks or low cuts and that’s when you can ditch the necklace and opt for a bold pair of earrings

14. Create a statement with sentimental jewellery pieces

Sentimental jewellery pieces always have a special significance in everyone’s hearts but how to fit it in with a stylish wardrobe? You can always combine your sentimental jewellery pieces with our pure silver jewellery as silver matches with everything and you don’t need to worry. 

15. Ignore the rules and you’re the queen! 

Queens don’t follow the rules, they make them!

Ditch the rules and always wear something that you feel comfortable in. Dressing up should be fun and not always about going by the rules. Choose jewellery that looks best on you and enhances your features. Go for it!