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Pure Gold Necklace

Description:Indulge in timeless elegance with this exquisite 22kt hallmarked gold necklace adorned with pearls, polkis, rubies, and emeralds. Each detail intricately crafted, this artisanal masterpiece exudes grace and sophistication. Elevate your style with this stunning ensemble, where traditi..
Ex Tax:₹712,800
Description:Experience the epitome of artisanal mastery and unmatched style with this exquisite 22kt gold ginni and real navratna stone necklace.Featuring  the real navratna stones haar, attached to intricately carved gold ginnis featuring a captivating parrot motif throughout. Elevate your..
Ex Tax:₹690,800
Description: Embrace timeless elegance with this exquisite 18kt gold necklace featuring a captivating Mother of Pearl evil eye pendant adorned with dazzling diamonds. Let the allure of ancient symbolism and modern luxury grace your every look.Material Used: gold  Size: Length-..
Ex Tax:₹52,800
Description:Behold the epitome of elegance: a breathtaking butterfly necklace crafted in 14kt gold, adorned with round brilliant cut diamonds, pearls, magnificent size rubies & emeralds, and polkis delicately set in an open setting, allowing their natural brilliance to shine through. A true ..
Ex Tax:₹423,258
Description:Behold, the epitome of timeless elegance – an 18kt gold necklace adorned with the mesmerizing hues of tourmaline, the celestial sparkle of polkis, and the fiery allure of rubies. Crafted with utmost precision by skilled artisans, this radiant masterpiece required 360 man hours to bri..
Ex Tax:₹196,988
Description:Immerse yourself in the allure of history and craftsmanship with this extraordinary creation—a cherished vintage 22kt gold kada meticulously transformed into a captivating pendant. Adorned with the ethereal beauty of freshwater pearls, the sparkling brilliance of polkis, and the rich..
Ex Tax:₹2,261,409
Description:Featuring our absolutely gorgeous necklace that is made of 22kt gold, real polkis and beautiful rubies. Handcrafted with immense detailing and love.Hurry up and grab this piece now and don't miss the chance to make this exclusive choker a part of your gold trinket.Material Used: ..
Ex Tax:₹1,517,340
Description:Invest in gold that suits your style and aura!Feel like an absolute royalty in our exquisite 'Aakansh' pure gold necklace with our vibrant navratna stones, real pearls and polkis made with 22kt hallmarked gold.Grab this limited piece now and look effortlessly gorgeous with our absolutely..
Ex Tax:₹1,437,480
Description: Featuring our gorgeous choker that is 22kt hallmarked gold, It is a simple yet eccentric beauty that can paired with any outfit to give a classy yet chic look. Hurry up and grab this elegant beauty now and look absolutely breathtaking.Material Used: Gold    P..
Ex Tax:₹279,510
Description: Featuring our extremely mesmerizing long necklace that has freshwater pearls for the chain and an alluring pendant at the bottom. This beauty is made of 22kt gold and has polki and diamonds to complete the look.Grab this piece now and wear it with your favourite outfit to accen..
Ex Tax:₹465,850
Description: Featuring our absolutely gorgeous choker that is made of 22kt hallmarked gold, onyx stones and beautiful kundan stones. Handcrafted with immense detailing and love, it took our diligent and extremely hardworking craftsmen 198 man hours to complete this magnificent beauty!Hurry ..
Ex Tax:₹356,708
Aprameya Aprameya
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Description: This gorgeous necklace is handcrafted with extreme care and love by our diligent craftsmen and designed with utmost zeal by our designer. It is an extraordinary piece of luxurious beauty that has real rubies, freshwater pearls and 22kt hallmark gold shri Krishna ji carving all ..
Ex Tax:₹1,141,998
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