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Pure Gold Ring

Description:Discover the exquisite artistry of our breathtaking ring, meticulously crafted with a large onyx stone and sparkling diamonds. Made from 14kt gold, this ring is the ultimate addition to your hand stack, perfect for any occasion. This enchanting ring is versatile enough to match any o..
Ex Tax:₹160,000
Description:Experience timeless elegance with this exquisite 18kt gold ring featuring a captivating onyx stone adorned with shimmering diamonds. A perfect blend of sophistication and luxury, this statement piece is sure to dazzle on any occasion.Material Used: Silver     Produ..
Ex Tax:₹45,100
Description:Step back in time and immerse yourself in the opulent world of Rajasthani heritage with our exquisite collection of traditional jewellery. This 14kt ring is totally mesmerizing. Marvel at the Mozzanite stone ring, a masterpiece of beauty and sophistication that captivates hearts and ..
Ex Tax:₹166,980
Description:  This beautiful pink cocktail ring with semi precious stones and kundan is the ideal cocktail ring. It flaunts a sharp oval-shaped kundan in the middle. This oversized ring boasts really powerful colourful accents and the thickness of the wide band really adds to the intricacy..
Ex Tax:₹166,375
Description: This Kundan ring with uncut Polkis and diamonds made of silver and gold is a classic centrepiece. Stun in this classic ring which can be paired with any outfit and creates an interesting glam on your hands. This ring is traditional and modern and can be paired accordingly to make a..
Ex Tax:₹127,776
Description: This gold elephant ring is structural chic and repeatable. Looking for classic yet modern ring designs? This elephant ring is the perfect answer. This ring is extremely chic and has a transitional quality. The silhouette is classic yet concise and the finish makes it easy to pair w..
Ex Tax:₹113,135
Description: “Tavish” a collection curated in 18 & 22 carat gold. The flattering beauty of a peacock has always been My Motifs muse, these exclusive “Mayur Bandhan Ring” in 18K gold, which is beautifully hand crafted with rubies and turquoise to enhance the grace. Material Used:&n..
Ex Tax:₹235,587
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