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Pure Silver Pendant

Description: The colour of happiness, positivity, optimism and summer. This yellow stone pendant is all set to make you shine and is a glorious nod towards nature. Combining the essence of Indian heritage and reinterpreting modernity in a traditional form , this pendant is perfect for modern da..
Ex Tax:₹7,800
Description:  We love the contrasting semi precious stones with intricate silver work which creates a quirky look. It creates a different pop of colours and yet mingles up the semi precious uncut stones all together. It has a minimalistic look which can be instantly paired with any outfit ..
Ex Tax:₹6,600
Description:  Explore a bold statement style with eye-catching silver jewellery for the newest season. The magic of an era gone by awaits you in the form of this wooden onyx pendant which can be paired with a necklace beautifully adorned  with semi precious stones featuring one of a k..
Ex Tax:₹6,000
Uniquely Shaped Om Pendant
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Description:  The sound Om is a vibration from which all the manifest universe emanates. Om is a spiritual symbol in Indian religions. Carry this symbol as a pendant and enlighten the spiritual nature within you. This highly beautiful Om pendant is the perfect spiritual addition to any out..
Ex Tax:₹6,000
Description: Lord Krishna in the form of the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu gives us his blessing with this uniquely shaped pendant. The handcrafting of this pendant is really special along with unique motifs and differently coloured semi precious stones. This piece can instantly transcend any ae..
Ex Tax:₹20,880
Unique Ganesha Pendant With Mouse
Out Of Stock
Description:  Style this uniquely shaped Ganesha pendant and make an alluring impression. Lord Ganesha along with his ride, the mouse will protect you from all evil and act as a life saver. Convenient to wear and style with your outfits, this piece is a heart stealer. Team it up with any o..
Ex Tax:₹9,840
Turkish Inspired Boomerang Pendant
Out Of Stock
Description:   Come alive with a variety of colours and Turkish inspired prints. Our newest collection features silver ornaments with vibrant colours and Turkish stones to brighten up all your occasions. Jewellery inspired from Turkish culture and heritage creatively designed with unique ..
Ex Tax:₹8,900
Description:  This semi precious pink stones and intricate silver pendant with peacocks prioritises easy symmetry. We line up elegant pink stones set on a silver base. This piece is exceptional and uncluttered and has a no frills design language which makes it a great statement number to b..
Ex Tax:₹18,300
Tree Of Life Pendant With Mother Of Pearl
Out Of Stock
Description: Old world charm and European inspired quirky twists to Indian silver jewellery. This pendant is a perfect modern yet sophisticated piece that your jewellery box has been missing. Mother of pearl and silver is the ultimate style statement for the elegant you.      &nb..
Ex Tax:₹9,300
Description: This traditional green and yellow stones intricate pendant is a step to modernity. There’s no reason tradition and luxury bijoux has to be boring. This fusion of silver with popping colours like green and yellow is modernist, breathy and makes a powerful statement.    &nb..
Ex Tax:₹17,100
Description:  Charms are one of the most cutest ornaments in Jewellery wear. It makes one look extremely elegant and here we have this extremely gorgeous charms pendant with a bunch of flowers and different items which sets an unique charm to it. This is a great addition to a pendant. ..
Ex Tax:₹8,850
Silver Leaf With Jasper Stone Pendant
Out Of Stock
Description:   The colour of love, happiness, positivity and sunshine. Here the semi precious Jasper stones and silver have a special completeness especially in the form of a leaf. This stone with a silver carving and silver leaf brings together a striking combination and an unique colour...
Ex Tax:₹7,950
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