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Pure Silver Earring

Description: These spectacular earrings are made with tiny beautiful stones that form a honeycomb like structure, at the top we white pearls forming a circle and inside it we have tiny silver roses that complete the look make this an extremely striking piece.Material Used: Silver &..
Ex Tax:₹32,428
Description:  Inspired from ancient temple work, this jhumka is one of a kind. It features temple gold work with contrasting red stones. This piece is extremely royal and extraordinary with its asymmetrical pairing. This pair of earrings is traditional and can be paired with any outfit ..
Ex Tax:₹20,328
Description: You can't buy happiness, but you can always shop for us!Traditional silver fresh-water pearls ,kundan, carved peacock with semi precious stones statement earrings. Enhance your style quotient on every occasion with these refined pieces. Pair these jhumkas with traditional wear ..
Ex Tax:₹42,108
Description:  An aesthetically crafted timeless piece of jewellery! This jhumka is one of a kind. It features two beautifully placed peacock cravings and a dainty flower filled with semi precious stones making it look extremely eye pleasing.To finish it off we have fresh-water pearls d..
Ex Tax:₹37,510
Description: You can't buy happiness, but you can always shop from us.Traditional silver Dual tone, fresh-water pearls ,kundan with semi precious stones statement earrings. Enhance your style quotient on every occasion with these refined pieces. Pair these jhumkas with tradit..
Ex Tax:₹30,008
Long Dual Tone Ghungroos Jhumkas
Made to order
Description: Moved by the gentle sway of the wind, these delicate dual toned jhumkas are a feminine and eccentric addition to your jewellery wardrobe. We have explored a variety of elements and features within one earring that makes it even more unique. These earrings are an amalgamation of intr..
Ex Tax:₹31,460
Description: Inspired by Tibetan art, the Lapis stone drop earrings  is a medley of delightful details featuring lapis stones  and pearls. The exquisite rose and green colour along with the pearls  add the festive touch to the piece and complete and make your look pop.Mat..
Ex Tax:₹39,688
Mix Rose Cut Drop Earrings
Out Of Stock
Description:  Inspired by Tibetan art, the mix rose cut drop earrings is a medley of delightful details featuring mix rose cut and pearls.The exquisite rose and green colour along with the pearls  add the festive touch to the piece and complete and make your look pop.Material Used:..
Ex Tax:₹53,240
Description: My motifs have a variety and combination of different stones with silver and here it proves that silver with mother of pearl and a silver ginni which work perfectly together. If you need a statement earring with a subtle pop these earrings are perfect. The colour profile w..
Ex Tax:₹14,278
Description: This long Victorian earring features silver ginnis with red stones. Our ginni collection is an amalgation of vintage finds with silver ginnis for good luck and prosperity for the festive season. The fine detailing of each coin is breathtaking. Each product speaks of royalty, mo..
Ex Tax:₹16,698
Description: Caption: This gold coin earring with handcrafted ghunghroo, corals, semi precious stone and pearls. This piece is an antique old classic earring. It understands and combines heritage and luxury together. This creation is all about fusion of modernity with nostalg..
Ex Tax:₹21,538
Multicolor Oversized Studs
Out Of Stock
Description:  If you are looking for a small piece of tradition to go with your outfit, these colourful oversized studs are perfect. They feature a versatile design along with gold work, pearls and multiple coloured stones. The rounded design makes it highly lovable and it is always th..
Ex Tax:₹11,858
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Buy silver earrings online for women

Earrings are a great way to elevate and lift any outfit. They add the perfect last finishing touches to your outfits and as we see that matching earrings to your outfit is important. Earrings have been used as an adornment since time memorial. All you need is love and a pair of fine silver earrings online from My Motifs. My motifs has a diverse range of earring from pretty delicate pieces to maximalistic bold ones that make a statement. Earrings have also been worn and hold a great significance in many cultures and are an indication of status, age and rank. However we provide a variety of earrings in different shapes and designs and selecting the right kind of silver earring for the right face shape. The beauty of silver earrings is extremely pretty, delicate and quite exquisite. They come in a variety of designs and are extremely lightweight as well.

Pure Silver Sterling Earrings

My Motifs designs its earrings in pure sterling silver as pure sterling silver is stronger than most metals and it can last for years. Pure sterling silver also has the ability to maintain its shine and last for years. Pure sterling silver can be delicate or even maximalistic. Silver earrings are a great option to pair with your casual wear for everyday use or even traditionals to bold an eye stealing look. Silver has the ability to adapt well with the skin as well and not cause any allergy like other metals. Thus buying sterling silver earrings online are the right option for dressing up and shining.

Ways to Select Silver Earrings

While buying silver earrings always keep in mind – your face shape and accessorize accordingly as it is always said that accessories should complement your face shape and cover your flaws. We ,at Motifs always suggest to go for pure silver earrings that enhance your natural beauty rather than the ones that are trending. “Be a classic in a world of trends “ because a classic original is worth way more than a fake. Silver earrings can majority uplift your facial beauty and outfit depending on the size. Hence we recommend you should choose accordingly to your face shape choose earrings that are opposite to your face shape. Silver earrings should also be chosen according to occasion and outfit. If you have a dressy outfit opt for studs and if your outfit is casual opt for maximalist danglers.

Latest Silver Earrings Collection by My Motifs

My Motifs features a variety and option of beautiful online silver earrings to choose from. We have curated a list of silver earrings that you can pair with your outfits.

  • Jhumkas – A personal favorite at Motifs, Jhumkas are lovely on traditional Indianwear and Indo western wear exclusively. They give a ravishing look to the adorer with an instant eye catching beauty appeal. Jhumki designs over the years are evolving.
  • Chandbalis/ Filigree design earrings - Traditional, intricate and heavy we love our traditional filigree earrings. Owing its design pattern from the royal sttic, filigree is an age old craftsmanship. Moreover Chandbalis are timeless pieces which are mostly passed down from generations to generations and are extremely trendy anytime. Swaying their way from the Mughal Era, they are big, bold and beautiful. The one piece of earrings that every woman must have in their jewellery wardrobe is a stunning pair of statement chandbali earrings. These extraordinary and trendy pieces created taking inspiration from the graceful moon itself adds a classy and elegant touch to any look and gives fullness to your outfit and makeup.
  • Traditional oversized studs - Want to play safe? Traditional oversized silver studs earing make a versatile and yet safe option to any womens outfit. You can make a variety of combinations with stud earrings – it can be paired well with mangtikas, heavy necklaces or can be worn as statement themselves. You can dress up or dress down an outfit with traditional studs.
  • Danglers - Danglers/ Tear Drop or Long Earrings are known to add a sleek touch to any of your evening outfits. They add the perfect bit of glamour to your silk gowns.
  • Chandelier earrings - Don’t we all love our chandeliers for evening cocktail parties? Chandelier earrings are a bold statement piece by themselves and can be worn alone for eye catching details. Chandelier earrings are timeless and if you are someone who believes in enhancing your natural beauty rather than the trend, My motifs Chandelier silver earrings online collection are your go to.
  • Hoops - Traditional Hoop Baalis are the ultimate classics but they are now are being brought back into fashion because of its big size and light weight.
  • Fancy Ear Cuffs - Fancy ear cuffs are statement and bold pieces that add a retro yet modern look to your outfits. Ear cuffs are unique pieces and they hold a special relevance in the jewellery box. Stack them up for a dramatic and glamourous look or wear a single one for a minimalistic feel.

92.5 Silver Earrings Best Price

When it comes to purchasing silver earning online, we provide the finest quality of 92.5 silver at the best prices. The silver is tested for quality and provides with an authenticity guarantee. The craftsmanship and finish of the earrings by our master artisans make these earrings of the finest quality. Each pair of earrings is uniquely design and has its own approach. Starting shopping now as my motifs provides the best designs and quality of 92.5 sterling silver at best prices.

Why Shop Silver Earrings At My Motifs

My Motifs provides an endless array of silver earrings and a variety like jhumkas, danglers, studs , hoops and many more you would like to explore. These earrings can be easily paired with westerns as well as traditionals. With a variety of different earrings ideal for different occasions, , start matching them and create your #ootds for the festive season already. Its add to your cart day all day everyday!