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Pure Silver Necklace

Description: Indulge in the allure of timeless elegance with our unique and timeless shrinathji choker. Each piece is meticulously crafted with intricate motifs adorned with stones, culminating in a stunning shrinathji detail. Embrace the beauty of our silver choker featuring floral motif a..
Ex Tax:₹67,100
Description:Introducing "Lakshit" , our Tribal Tabeez pendant guccha necklace, a fusion of tradition and modernity. Inspired by the intricate designs of a traditional tabeez, this necklace features a unique touch of ghungroo hangings that add a signature motif feel with twisted cotton thread. Wh..
Ex Tax:₹30,008
Description:Behold the exquisite craftsmanship of this extraordinary gold-toned haar, delicately adorned with intricately carved flowers and a stunning comb pendant embellished with lustrous kundan & pearls. A timeless masterpiece, blending tradition with elegance.This unique haar is absolut..
Ex Tax:₹105,028
Description:Indulge in timeless elegance with our exquisite layered pearl mala adorned with a regal kalgi pendant. This statement piece adds a touch of royalty to any ensemble, ensuring you turn heads wherever you go. Elevate your style with the allure of pearls, the epitome of sophistication.Ma..
Ex Tax:₹63,888
Saraj Saraj
Made to order
Description: A mesmerizing fusion of craftsmanship and elegance. This stunning dual-tone masterpiece features an array of motifs like fish, lotus, parrot, and floral motifs embellished with meenakari, natural freshwater pearls, and kundan. The centerpiece stone, sourced from Brazil, is a ca..
Ex Tax:₹130,680
Nitya Nitya
Made to order
Description:Embrace the timeless elegance of this oxidized long necklace adorned with intricately crafted ginnis and a captivating peacock and floral carved pendant, embellished with delicate ghungroos. Each element intertwines to create a mesmerizing piece that adds a touch of tradition and gra..
Ex Tax:₹112,288
Description:Embrace timeless elegance with our exquisite Fish Pendant Hasli, intricately crafted to mesmerize. Whether adorning a Western attire or enhancing the grace of an Indian ensemble, this piece effortlessly makes a statement of sophistication and style. Elevate your look and captivate he..
Ex Tax:₹38,478
Description:Indulge in the regal allure of our mesmerizing layered necklace, a statement piece fit for royalty. Crafted with exquisite jade stone layers and adorned with dual-tone chidiya accents, its breathtaking centerpiece features a captivating painting of ShrinathJi, meticulously crafted by..
Ex Tax:₹43,560
Ragh Ragh
Made to order
Description:Indulge in regal elegance with our stunning dual-tone necklace adorned with attached 'ginnis'. The intricate design features enchanting motifs including parrots, peacocks, and delicate florals, all enhanced by dainty stones and lustrous freshwater pearls. It took a skilled artisan a ..
Ex Tax:₹56,628
Description:Embrace the whimsical allure of nature with our dual-tone necklace, adorned with enchanting motifs of fish, parrots, peacocks, and delicate florals. Each charm delicately sways at the bottom, adding a touch of elegance to this quirky yet timeless piece. Each intricate detail of this ..
Ex Tax:₹52,998
Description:Step into the realm of regal refinement with our exquisite choker, where elegance intertwines with opulence. Adorned with layers of lustrous pearls and a captivating center focus, it exudes a timeless charm. Enhanced by moissanite and onyx stones, this masterpiece adds a touch of lux..
Ex Tax:₹67,760
Description:Regal Elegance: Adorned in a long haar embellished with pearls, kundan, and meenakari, complemented by semi-precious stones, exuding timeless charm. Paired with a majestic color-blocked ensemble and a statement royal neckpiece, epitomizing sophistication and grace. Material Used:..
Ex Tax:₹39,325
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Silver Necklace – A Style Statement never to be missed by Womens

If you are a lover of jewellery then Silver necklace available at My Motifs is something you will love to flaunt with your outfits. Silver necklace will complement any look and make you look your ultimate best, effortlessly. Necklace made of Silver always make a bold style statement and is much more lightweight and wearable in comparison to gold. Silver jewellery statement designs are a great way to add drama to an outfit transforming it from casual to dressy instantly. Silver jewellery designs are bold and are great to pair with a very simple outfit and transform a boring one into something extremely unique. Silver jewellery in form of necklace has the power to make you the centre of attention and add your own unique touch of style to you attire making you stand out from the crowd.

Silver Necklace for Festive Occasions

With the onset of festive season, it is indeed the time to sparkle your way to dazzling, glittering days and nights with latest Silver jewellery trends which cannot be missed. We look forward to these festive days as a lot of Indians seek to buy maximum jewellery on these auspicious days. We suggest you invest in pure silver Necklace as it is more wearable and affordable in comparison to those real heavy real gold jewellery sets. My Motifs provides a variety of traditional silver necklace designs for the onset of the festivities in modern yet traditional designs to team up with your outfit.

How Different is Sterling Silver Necklace

My motifs specializes in a variety of pure silver jewellery designs with a rating of 925 which is typically sterling silver. The main difference between sterling silver and pure silver is that sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of other metals, usually copper. Silver necklace marked with a 925 is sterling silver jewelry that has been certified to contain 92.5% silver content. Sterling silver is usually harder than silver and is more suitable for jewelry making. Thus sterling silver is a more purer form of silver as it contains a higher content of pure silver and is suitable for making mesmerizing necklace designs. Silver jewellery made of sterling silver is regarded as the standard choice for quality silver jewellery. Necklace made of sterling silver is extremely durable and has a brilliant shine and finish. All of the sterling silver necklace pieces are handcrafted with a 925 rating.

My Motifs - Silver Necklaces Highlights

Motifs specializes in antique tribal Jewellery for the modern head turner. Minimalism doesn't define our aesthetics sensibility. We believe in 'more is more' ; and big,bold and over the top. We are all about statement jewellery with a tribal twist that exemplifies Indian culture.

My Motifs is all about Silver Jewellery and the most sought after product of Motifs is Silver Choker and different types of Silver necklaces embraced with precious stones and pearls.

Motifs is blessed to have a team of talented designers and craftsmen who with their talent and expertise produce these beautiful pieces. One can buy Silver necklace online from Motifs from their website and the best part is Motifs ships them globally. One can buy varieties of Silver Necklaces from Motifs.

At Motifs we sell variety of Silver Necklaces, one can opt from Tribal necklaces designs, ethnic Silver designs or just simple Silver Chains also. Customers get a wide variety to choose from as well as they also have option to customize their design of the Silver Necklace according to their own choice. From Silver Choker to traditional Silver Haar one can conveniently purchase these products hassle-free by just a click of a button. My Motif is the ultimate place for today's modern women to choose from a variety of Silver Necklaces.

Our desiging team works relentlessly day in and day out to bring the best designs like hand crafted silver jhumka necklace and other designs to all our clients at all times without fail, ever. Also, there is no doubt that buying sterling silver Necklaces from us will certainly prove to be an excellent addition to your Silver jewellery wardrobe.

How to Pick the Right Necklace

Decision time!!! What do you want to focus on? Your jewellery or your outfit? A piece of pure silver necklace can be transforming and it instantly transform a boring outfit into a funky one. But if you have a fancy outfit, subdued your jewellery and go for minimal pieces. Define the focal point of your jewellery which you would like to bring attention to. Always accessorize the part of your body where you would like to bring attention. If you are wearing statement jewellery pieces, always make the focal point on one body area like neck, ears or hands where you would like to draw attention. If the focal point is a bold silver necklace, style it up with minimal earrings and bracelets and if the focal point is your pure silver bracelets or bangles, opt for a minimal pendant with small earrings.

How long should the necklace be

Consider your neckline while choosing your necklace. Your pure silver necklace should be shorter than the neckline of your outfit for it to be visible. A necklace is made to enhance your outfit and elongate your neck so choose wisely with different necklines.

Popular Silver Necklace Options At My Motifs

My motifs specializes in a variety of designs like Silver Choker, Silver Haar and Silver chains so depending upon your occasion and outfit you have your options sorted. Popular options from our collection include our best sellers from our newest collection or Lajawaab collection that are a combination of traditional yet modern designs for the modern and elegant you.

Buy Silver Jewellery Online at My Motifs

Shop from a variety of silver jewellery designs online at My motifs. We give you an access to a variety of designs from the comfort of your homes. So now you have access to all the modern designs while even sitting and chilling in your PJS. Well it couldn’t get better. Start shopping and add to your cart right away!