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Pure Silver Necklace

Description:   Bid adieu to lazy blues with this beautiful yet extraordinary necklace. This contemporary piece is truly a work of art. Strung with coloured glasses and different charms and motifs like lotus and peacock, this necklace is created to make a statement. It is definitely a heart..
Description:  Vintage jewellery is always created with love and passion. Each bead is specially handcrafted by skilled artisans that come from a lineage of craftsmen. We believe ornaments are an expressive way of articulating your personality. Express your inner colourful aura with this mu..
Description:   Bold and impactful Kickstart your celebrations with this bold statement rose haar. Pair with matching rose earrings from our collection to keep in sync with monotone trends. Keep your jewellery one tone and make an impact!      Material Used: Si..
Description:   Soothing tones, intricate details and dainty emerald green droplets, our newest collection is trendy, light and sure to complement all our outfits with ease. This choker is a daring combination with details that defy symmetry and create a dashing combination. Revel your dari..
Description:   A rich sea of aqua blue with charms embedded in silver - this mesmerizing choker is set to accentuate all kinds of outfits. With a variety of different charms you’re sure to look like a picture of perfection.      Material Used: Silver  &nb..
Description:    Take a step back through time and experience what it must have felt like to a royal during India’s Golden Age when you put on this dual toned Lotus inspired Maharani Haar. It is definitely more than a piece of jewelry, just as we cherish it from the olden generation we..
Description: Effortless Indian luxury celebrating Indian heritage and culture with a sensorial experience unlike any other. Our multilayered gold and silver necklaces with coloured emerald and jade stones with ghunghroos blend together in elegant harmony , each complementing each other. Look li..
Description:     Our silver gold plated Polki necklace with coloured stones and a variety of charms will leave no eyes unturned. A collision of drama, beauty and glamour. Our exquisite necklace is sure to caste a spell wherever you go. The combination of Nine stones holds a special re..
Description:    This necklace speaks Royalty and gives you all the Maharani vibes you need. Textured Golden Beads with coloured stones, Oh What An Iconic Necklace. Discover the true queen within you emitting all kinds of royalty and culture.Material Used: Silver    ..
Description:    With a new festive season kicking, old trends make a beloved comeback in combination with new trends. On our radar, we have pretty pastels in combination with gold hues. To get started , go ahead and add our mint masterpiece to your wishlist with intricate gold details..
Description: One of our signature – our Gold plated choker with ghunghroos and embellishments. No words needed to start a conversation with this captivating necklace which tells a story wherever you go. Choose to shine with this ravishing and regal necklace.Material Used: Silver  &nbs..
Description:    This classic yet trendy necklace boasts incredible design and traditional elements fused together to form this fusion necklace. Level up any traditional outfit and make it look super trendy with the newest collection by Motifs. This neckpiece goes hand in hand with any..
Description:      A homage to absolute decadence and glamour in a tribal silver necklace . We stand in awe of this one of a kind natural beads. Made with random elements. Jhumkas and ghungroos pair this antique neckpiece to create a style statement to any of your looks.   Ma..
Laajaavab Starbeam Haar
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Description:  Radiating like starbursts and the blessing rays of the stars, this beautifully handcrafted dual toned necklace is set to make its entrance. A distinctive set of different elements centered with a signature pendant with ghunghroos , this piece comes from a medley of versatile ..
Description: Eye catching subtle jewellery that tells a story. Traditions and tribal come together in this dual toned Victorian setting necklace in this lovely design. Amidst our bold and surreal jewellery we have also curated feminine pieces that celebrate love with the most romantic moti..
Description: Bringing out the surreal charm and distinctive beauty, featured here is the silver necklace with an exquisite and conspicuous two toned neck piece from our new collection “Lajawaab”Lajawaab is all about creating one of a kind pieces and we explore new design concepts in every piece..
Description: Flamboyant and extravagant – these scintillating pieces from Motifs are the perfect addition to your treasure trove of beautiful bridal wear. Motifs embodies the quintessence of different elements, dual tones and a variety of contradictory elements in this new collection. This beau..
Description: An epitome of Silver feminine beauty in combination with gold evoke a sense of chic and quiet glamour. Cast a spell on all those who gaze up on this extravagant one of a kind statement necklace handcrafted with different elements, ghunghroos and semi precious coloured stones.Materi..
Description:Bringing out the surreal charm and distinctive beauty, featured here is the gold plated necklace with an exquisite and conspicuous two toned pendant from our new collection “Laajavaab”Laajavaab is all about creating one of a kind pieces and we explore new design concepts in every piece t..
Description: Perfectly handcrafted to compliment your thriving style in a contemporary ethnic or western with this exquisite colourful choker. This charming piece speaks volumes of the wearer’s refinery with semi precious stones and little elements put together. Motifs inspired by the national ..
Description:  “Always be a classic in a world full of trends” Modern allure mingles with ethnic and royal glamour when you wear our Pink Polki Set made with ruby stones, bird motifs, pearls and ghunghroos. Evoke a sensation of royalty , elegance and joyful refinement with this necklaceMate..
Description: Timeless pieces radiating vibrant colors. Truly exquisite and one of a kind – our two toned geometric shaped necklace with coloured motifs made with semi precious stones and zirconia, baroque details, ghunghroos , ruby stones and gold ornaments , this necklace is the ideal accessor..
Description: Material Used: Silver        Size: Length- 26 InchPackaging: Embraced In A Designer Motifs Pouch & Packed With Love In A Beautiful Wooden Box.Product Code: S11720007 Disclaimer: All Handcrafted Products Are Imperfectly Perfect...
Description: Trend Alert : Earthy tones with  a dash of color Define your style and grace with this sophisticated and elegant silver necklace with Exclusive handwork and an array of color. Contemporary trendy pieces that will make you the center of attention at any occasion, grab this artw..
Description:  This exquisite bird comes alive in this unique statement Necklace. Not only is the design unconventional, it is quirky,lively and promising.The technique is filigree with gold plating and our signature ghoonghroos.Material Used: Silver      &nbs..
Description: Nothing spells regal and heirloom better than this ruby ornament inspired by Rajputi jewellery. Embrace royalty , tradition and beauty with this magnificent necklace centred with a kundan tikda. Make a standout addition with this one of a kind necklace with kundan work on onyx drop..
Description: Shine bright with this statement Goddess temple neckpiece with a gold plated silver necklace which looks resplendent against a silk saree for the festive season. Complimented with kundan and semi precious ruby stones and pearls, this necklace is one of a kind and definitely not to ..
Description: Material Used: Silver        Size: Length- AdjustablePackaging: Embraced In A Designer Motifs Pouch & Packed With Love In A Beautiful Wooden Box.Product Code: S11041297A Disclaimer: All Handcrafted Products Are Imperfectly..
Description: Material Used: Silver        Size: Length- 20 cm  Width 5 cmPackaging: Embraced In A Designer Motifs Pouch & Packed With Love In A Beautiful Wooden Box.Product Code: S11041297ADisclaimer: All Handcrafted Products Are Imperfectly Perfect..
Description: Material Used: Silver        Size: Length-32 InchesPackaging: Embraced In A Designer Motifs Pouch & Packed With Love In A Beautiful Wooden Box.Product Code: S15077404ADisclaimer: All Handcrafted Products Are Imperfectly Perfect...
Description: Choker Attack!Quiet elegance and charm are prerequisites to going minimal this year!Go minimal with your outfit and makeup and always maximalize with your jewellery. Sparkle with this silver choker with our signature ghunghroos, coloured semi precious stones and zirconia. Perfect t..
Description: While we love adding unique modern twists to Indian jewellery, sometimes it's best not to fix what's broken. Classic pieces are well, classic, for a reason. Their appeal transcends time and trends. This pure silver handmade collar necklace  and our signature ghungroo accents i..
Description: A string of Aqua coloured Haar with Gold Beads is a true opulence. The centrepiece is studded with zirconia diamonds and has a gold jhumka as a final touch to this finesse. We’re loving Aqua as the Pantone colour, how about you? Material Used: Silver Size: Length-52cm Pac..
Starfish Haar With Tasseled Charms
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Description: A young and playful piece is the perfect accessory to dress up or dress down and pair with any of your ensembles. It is a young and vibrant choice made with a starfish motif and tassels with charms.Material Used: SilverSize: Length-60cmPackaging: Embraced In A Designer Motifs Pouc..
Description:  Two is always better than one right?Our new collection combined two silver leaves to create a fun yet elegant collection for the young soul within you. Combining nature’s elements, this piece features double haar with leaves’ motifs. Material Used: Silver Size: Adjusta..
Description: Nature’s first green is gold. There’s nothing like this gorgeous double layer emerald beaded necklace centered with a custom gold motif ending with a green drop. It combined emerald beads and features a lavish embodiment of meenakari work and ghungroos.Material Used: SilverSize: L..
Description: Inspired by royalty, we love for you to adorn this rose quartz coloured beaded necklace with a picture of Royal Majesty from Rajasthan. This is our take on royal sautoir showcasing extreme elegance and sophistication. Material Used: Silver Size: Length-80cm Packaging: Emb..
Description: Bask in the contrast of our multilayered necklace Peacock and Floral Pedant. The combination and extravagant use of a variety of colours in this necklace make it a stunning addition to any jewellery box. The pedant features semi-precious stones and floral motif with ghunghroos...
Description: We have always been inspired by the depth of the colour red and now we bring a way to have it all-around your neck. An exquisite design featuring ruby beads and semi-precious stones, this decadent necklace is our translation of love.Material Used: SilverSize: Length-72cmPackagi..
Description: Loose yourself in the hues of aqua multi-layer necklace handcrafted with pearls and aqua motifs. We love fusion fashion as much as classic fashion. A dazzling display of fusion craftsmanship and colour!Material Used: SilverSize: Length-84cmPackaging: Embraced In A Designer..
Description: Contemporary style never looked better. Flawlessly smooth amethyst coloured beads are complimented with a hint of pearls and silver pendant. Slay your fusion looks with this fun and fabulous necklace.Material Used: SilverSize: Length-82cmPackaging: Embraced In A Designer Motifs..
Description: India is a land of temples, with these religious buildings dating back to 625 CE. These monuments of worship are an important part of the fabric of the nation, representing faith and belief that remains unwavering for centuries. For this antique collar choker, we've found our cues ..
Description:  Handcrafted by the finest artisans, this colourful beauty seamlessly fits to elevate your ethnic wardrobe. We definitely found love in the variety of colour in this antique nath design necklace. All you need is this necklace with freshwater pearls, kundan work and precious st..
Description: Here’s another spectacular piece you should get your hands onWe found our love in this Kundan setting necklace with freshwater pearls. Truly an exceptional choker awaiting the luckiest one to own and create a statement . This graceful necklace is here to enchance your neckMaterial ..
Description: Luxurious visions of peacock and lotus motifs that tell tales of love are meticulously handcrafted into wearable pieces of art. Get this modern heirloom piece for momentous occasions especially when paired with sarees , gowns and lehengas. Romanticized thoughtfully , this two toned..
Description:  A homage to absolute decadence and glamour in a tribal  silver necklace. We stand in awe of this one of a kind neckpiece. It is extremely flexible with natural beads. Made with random elements , jhumkas and ghunghroos pair this antique neckpiece to create a style stateme..
Rani Laxmi Haar
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Description:  All that glitters is Silver and Gold, Revisiting the glory of traditional craftsmanship, this gold plated piece of temple Jewellery is the perfect combination of traditional and contemporary Jewellery. One of our timeless designs with modern interpretations made with ony..
Description: Bask in the glow of our signature Goddess necklace which is an exquisite piece of temple jewellery with the image of shiv Parvati in the nakashi figurine. Made of real freshwater pearls, semi-precious ruby stones and zirconia inspired from the Divine Indian Goddess. The Motifs Godd..
Description: The jagmag haar is a short necklace made with tiny gold polished silver balls.  The haar is a mix of many tiny ghoongroos, pearls jadau and semi precious stones bunched in one. A very unique and enchanting piece.. A owner's delight..Material Used: Silver    ..
Description:The sonar bangla haar,  is a long haar made of many tiny pearls making a guccha like pattern. The tikda represents peacock engraved with many semi-precious stones giving it a rich look. The tikda is also decorated with ghoongroos all around with colorful jadau in the centre..A colos..
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Buy Silver Necklace Online

Necklaces have been worn by both men and women since time immortal. Earlier people wore necklaces made of beads, shells, and stones... and gradually with time and discovery of new metals they upgraded to different types of metals...

Gold has always been a favoured metal, for any type of jewellery.. but the second most important metal was Silver. Till this present day, people are equally fond of Silver Jewellery. It's very common among women folks these days to laden themselves with Silver Necklaces.
My Motifs is all about Silver Jewellery and the most sought after product of Motifs is Silver Choker and different types of Silver necklaces embraced with precious stones and pearls.
Motifs is blessed to have a team of talented designers and craftsmen who with their talent and expertise produce these beautiful pieces. One can buy Silver Jewellery online from Motifs from their website and the best part is Motifs ships them globally. One can buy varieties of Silver Necklaces from Motifs. At Motifs we sell Designer Silver Necklaces, one can also opt for Tribal and ethnic Silver Necklaces too or just simple Silver Chains also.
Customers get a wide variety to choose from. The customer can also customize their design of the Silver Necklace according to their own choice. From Silver Choker to traditional Silver Haar one can conveniently purchase these products hassle-free by just a click of a button.
My Motif is the ultimate place for today's modern women to choose from a variety of Silver Necklaces. We relentlessly work day in and day out to bring the best Silver Jewellery to all our clients at all times without fail, ever. There is no doubt that the sterling silver Necklaces you buy from us will certainly prove to be an excellent addition to your Silver jewellery wardrobe.